Craig  is located on the west side of Loch Etive, and is two miles from a public road. It is accessible by vehicle (with high clearance), by sea, bike or on foot. There is parking available right outside the cottage at Craig.

Access by land

The track up to Craig is currently in good condition as it had been relaid (May 2019) prior to the building of hydro scheme up at Barrs. Most vehicles will be able to access the cottage without problems, but avoid any that are very low. There are still the occasional bump in the track, and the quarry can be a bit bumpy in places. Extreme weather may affect the surface, but if you have any concerns then please get in touch. Craig lies two miles up the track from Bonawe Quarry and I normally allow 20 minutes to drive from the quarry up to Craig.

NOTE 2022: The hydro scheme has now been completed so there are ocassional passing vehicles heading up there but nothing too big now thank goodness! The forestry plantations further up the loch at Cadderlie and Bars are due to be clearfelled in the next year or so, so there will be forestry workers driving up past the cottage, but the timber is being taken out by sea thankfully so shouldn’t be too much of a disturbance. The plan is for the woodlands to both be replanted with native species so will be a fabulous asset in years to come.

Access by sea

The cottage is close to the loch side so access by water is possible, but only if you know what you are doing! Loch Etive is a sea loch, and there are a number of points along its shore from which you can launch a boat or kayak. Boat hire is available from TFC boats at Taynuilt.

Due to the nature of the loch and the high mountains around it, there can be squalls and unpredictable wind conditions. We strongly advise that you only bring a boat or other craft if you are experienced in similar conditions and locations.